You are going to Hell Michigan on

OCTOBER 8, 2022

25, 39, 65, 101 Mile Distances


Jackson, MI to Hell, MI (and back).

Rode To HELL is a gravel bike event consisting of four distances: 101 Mile, 65 Mile, 39 Mile and 25 Mile. The event encompasses Jackson, Washtenaw, Livingston and Ingham Counties. A majority of the roads traveled will be gravel with smaller segments of paved portions, making for a memorable and unique challenge at the longer distances.

Rode To HELL is done in partnership with the Region 2 Economic Planning Commission serving Hillsdale, Jackson & Lenawee Counties in Michigan.

The 4 Courses of the Apocalypse.

Some roads lead to Purgatory.
Some go straight to Hell.

Rode to Hell’s “Purgatory Loops”.
Starting and ending in Jackson, MI, the two shorter distances travel east and north before coming back to Jackson, never quite making it to Hell.

Going all the way to Hell.
Starting and ending in Jackson, MI, the two longer distances would travel east and north all the way to Hell, MI before looping back to Jackson.

25 Mile Purgatory Loop

50% Gravel
50% Paved

39 Mile Purgatory Loop

69% Gravel
21% Paved

65 Mile
Hell Loop

76% Gravel
24% Paved

101 Mile
Hell Loop

78% Gravel
22% Paved

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Categories: Open Division,  Fat Bake, Single Speed

Event 3/14-5/31 6/1-8/31 9/1-10/7
25, 39, 65 Mile – Open, FB, SS $60 $70 $80
100 Mile – Open, FB, SS $80 $90 $100
25, 39, 65 Mile – Tandem $95 $105 $115
100 Mile – Tandem $115 $125 $135

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